What is Alba EmotingTM?

Alba Emoting is a somatic approach to consciously evoking emotion, without relying on subjective causes and cognitive attributes. Alba Emoting is a systematic method, based on scientific findings, which allows any person –independent of gender or social heritage– to express basic universal emotions clearly, with the possibility of summoning these emotions and modulating their expressive and subjective components at will.

Alba Emoting TM is physical, specific, organic, and can be learned by nearly anyone. Alba Emoting arouses emotional response in the body through conscious application of effector patterns of breath and muscle tension organic to basic emotions. Though present in the body since infancy, these simple but precise patterns take some time to master: physical and emotional habits built up over years’ ingrain muscle tensions which can be challenging to penetrate. Most people experience significant release of habitual emotional tensions during beginning training.

A typical session involves extensive physical work alternated with discussion of theory and application, technical clarifications, and sharing of experiences. Each session begins with warmups and exercises to develop physical control, flexibility, and awareness. Effector patterns are introduced step by step in exercises of just a few minutes, duration; as skills develop, exercises explore use of patterns in interaction with others and in combination with movement and text.

Learning rates vary according to emotional readiness and previously developed skills in physical awareness and tension control. A few participants will experience genuine emotion from a pattern within the first few hours of work; most will have these experiences by midway through the course. Control develops with command of technique; expertise develops over time, with practice, exploration, and application.