What is coaching?

Coaching is goal-oriented and solutions. Not so much to determine the causes or issues, but rather to achieve the desired objectives and the ways of solution, and the full use of own resources.

What is the function Coaching

Coaching provides the foundation for continued personal growth and healthy, leading to an improvement in your performance. It is a combination of individual support, in overcoming problems and personal counselling. Coaching is a learning process, in which the person counselled learn their skills for successful leadership in business and / or with partners, and to establish improved communication for personal development.

Coaching makes progress:

  • Improvement of social and personal skills
  • Improvement in dealing with stress and improved self-organization
  • Orientation of new thoughts and behaviours
  • Promote the hitherto unused resources and development potential
  • Upgrading and improving skills to delegate and motivate
  • Conflict resolution, feedback, and reflection to increase job satisfaction
  • Defining effective targeting
  • Improving intercultural communication and collaboration
  • The accompaniment of problem solving and decision making

What does intercultural coaching means?

Other countries, other manners: The requirements for internationally experienced professionals and managers are growing at as fast tempo. You need to know the language and the social norms of the new country and you need a high sensitivity to the cultural differences with their own country. Dealing with the cultural and ethnic diversity in professional and private life is for each of us a great challenge.

Intercultural Coaching: I was of the view, effective support for people and companies in achieving its objectives and the development of individual skills. They get to know themselves and the others in a variety of cultural dimensions and they develop new insights, perspectives and strategies.

How does coaching work?

After an initial analysis of the problem statement and then build a good relationship between coach and coachee, it explores the social relationships in which the coaches is at that time. Needs, personal values ​​and behaviours will be summarized Coaches to another as their thoughts and feelings locks and addressing the problems in context, this will be an opening to their pattern of stagnant solutions.

Together with the client to work individual goals and objectives will be transferred to change. Were planned concrete steps towards the objectives and reach, they will acquire alternative behaviour patterns and will also be testing the practice of your wishes. The work will be a success if it maintains a mutual acceptance and absolute sincerity between the Coach and Coaches. The goal is to find new directions in both private life and in working life, an aid to self-help.

Intercultural Skills Development Coaching Windrose

Adapting to a new culture means for some people an emotional or physical distress. The long stays abroad cause some pressure. This distress occurs after what is called the phase of excitement or euphoria in the process of adapting to the new culture. It is at this point that culture shock occurs, which may manifest itself under great stress, excitement, irritability, general exhaustion, psychosomatic disorders, for example, headaches, muscle atrophy, or other bodily disorders. Feelings like disappointment, loneliness, fear or desperation may appear and even lead to depression. Depending on the degree of tension caused by fault and the staff available to deal with stress, is the effect of culture shock that affects an individual independently to each individual.

How is the practice coaching?

Coaching is a combination of support and advice, for guidance and overcoming problems. It builds on the core values ​​of the person counselled, aiming to improve and expand their personal and social skills.


The Coach is free from prejudices, is a neutral mirror, gives feedback and questions the way you think and how to act.

The programming

I offer individual coaching, team and group. Coaching usually limited from 5 to 15 sessions, an Individual sessions between 1 to 2 hours. The frequency and number of contacts is adjusted according to personal needs and according to the problem. You can distribute the block sessions a day or half day.

The fee

Is governed by the duration of the session and the individual problems are specific Coaching. The time spent in preparation will not be charged.


May it can arrange individually. Coaching can take place anywhere. The wind rose is a symbol of guidance and represents all directions. It is the compass that the seeker has the opportunity to orient them better or new. She helps him to determine its own position to recognize its own position to maintain its own direction, or to find new ways to control.